​Claire Fontaine, Capitalism Kills (Love), 2008
Claire Fontaine, Capitalism Kills (Love), 2008, Installation view at the Durham Miners Hall, Lumiere, Durham, UK 17–21 November 2011. Photo: Matthew Andrews. Copyright: Studio Claire Fontaine. Courtesy of Claire Fontaine.

Claire Fontaine is the name of a collective feminist artist, lifted from a popular brand of French stationary. Working in neon, video, sculpture and text, Fontaine’s work often interrogates through her art the impotence of people in the face of social and political issues.

For We The People Are The Work Fontaine has produced a series of new works that tackle the questions of morality, agency and freedom of speech through illuminated text in the space. Lifting quotes from Donald Trump and the Brexit debate, she creates a visual and conceptual polyphony where the viewer is invited to take a position.


KARST is Plymouth’s largest independent contemporary art venue, comprising a free public gallery and artists’ studios. We are at the forefront of the growing South West art scene, hosting critically acclaimed artists as well as emerging local talent.

KARST was founded in 2012 in the industrial Millbay area of Plymouth. We are a test-bed for experimentation: from conceptually complex group shows by international curators to individual artists and unique artistic collaborations. As a charitable organisation we focus on working in partnership with cultural organisations, artist groups and creative individuals. We collaborate through curated exhibitions, events and critical dialogue in order to support the cultural growth of Plymouth and the South West. Our programme is a reflection of the talent in Plymouth as well as providing the city a venue in which to see the most exciting artists from around the world.

Union Street Party 13


Bite Size Talks - Hannah Sloggett & Wendy Hart
Wed, 25th Oct
UK Burnt/Unburnt, 2011/2017, Claire Fontaine. Photo: Jamie Woodley
Claire Fontaine
UK Burnt/Unburnt

Watch the video footage of Claire Fontaine's 54,587 matches set alight.

8th Nov, 2017